Suggestions For Next PvP Round
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nightshadows: Need trade option brought back for g1
24-02-03 06:45
beya: we need every details on every update, we fought without knowing class pets aren't available, classes can't be changed
24-02-02 11:52
connecting: Add 3 Set boost,
#1 boost set for #1 gear set
#2 boost set for #2 gear set
#3 boost set for #3 gear set
24-02-02 08:04
nanikore: - The dragon flies to another map if it receives a certain amount of damage
- Hunting was held again because last round it was very boring and there were no units to hunt
- Since last round we used Death Angel, why not use Diablo for this round, remove class rewards and increase player ranking rewards
- Last round's quest variations were very good but the prizes were less attractive, it would be better if the prizes for completing quests were increased, such as 1k sp and random legendary weapons
- Can you please not limit the market anymore, this will have a big impact on increasing the quality of items we use to compete with players who use alt or have a lot of credit, please remove the buying and selling limits, we won't complain if taxes are increased
- the hidden stat in the last round was not very good, it was like attacking an ace unit but the experience received was the same as a normal unit
- The breeder is created as before, random pet regeneration for all types of pets, only the level 80 pet rate has been increased or fixed
- the prizes for round after round are not very attractive anymore, there are no sp prizes and credits, we use credits in each round but the credits we receive can be said to be non-existent
- for rpg games not having trades can be said to be very stupid, don't listen to complaints like losing an item because someone stole it, it's their own fault, they don't strengthen the security of their own account.
24-02-02 02:00
sirdoomknight: I second,
Remove stat requirements to equip items and only keep level and class requirements, this will help a lot of the non spenders to equip better gear and get further.

I'd love to see a more fair chance for non spenders to get something out of Pvp.
24-02-02 01:33
-dazzle-: Please no credit transfer ang no credit buying pure skill and lvling . So that You Will Earn Your Gears Only In Hunting
24-02-02 00:09
bladsy: 1/4
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