[Gaia PvP #102] Round Is OVER!
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gta_liberty_city: Thanks for nice round dreamer🍻
24-02-25 14:35
uoti: Did not like the round. why?
😩The EXP was still little. lv 60 mobs gave 20k EXP but we needed over a 5million to level up. takes forever on slow internet.
😩Quest was difficult. did only like 10 out of 50 Quests. Items were hard to find. reduce the difficulty.
24-02-25 13:50
putik: 250 or 500 inventory 🔥
24-02-25 10:26
richardjohn1: rewards should be already posted when announcement arrives
24-02-25 05:57
defeated1234: This round was great nothing wrong with it a few adjustments should be made though
1)Title Ms upgrade
Griffen x3 = royal griffin
Titan Ms x3 = lord's of thunder Ms
2) at high level areas like forsaken palace 2and 3 and portal of glory and dragon cliffs dragon cave 2and 3 make super mobs only appear one not whole map full of fallen arch angels and fire dragons ect

Drop rate of recipe was bit low if can increase that would be great

Just an idea make mobs drop 2 items from lvl 60+ so leveling can go quicker and gearing up
And lastly
Forbit these multi accounts on pvp server if any multiple account player gets suspended

Change top 100 players ranking in pvp to top 50

And remove mob spawn timer some have very fast net and effect those with a slow net

And when purchase credits on pvp server make that ur main gets the skill points not the pvp character unfair advantage to others

Great work 👍💪
24-02-24 23:06
-bryson-g-: Loved it. Only issue was the quest rewards. It was too op... Tune it down to Epic tier or even rare. Also the skill points reward as well. At a total of 2.5k skill points! Tune it down to 50 quests thatll give an overall of 1k sp. Marketplace was barely used because of this.
Bring back hunt mobs it's kinda lonely without them.
Also hoping for more update cuz I know for sure there were barely any buyers😭
Dragon hunt
: Make the dragons change locations every 10min but reduce their hp to 10million. 100 million was wayyy too much
24-02-24 17:52
bladsy: 1/2
1 2