[Gaia PvP #103] Round Is OVER!
Los jou terugvoering!
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mri: Not good
24-04-19 15:26
_fizzarolli_: Gaia 1 rn...
What i think is the issue on gpvp is the way of earning creds is so scarce. The marketplace was open but since the 50 quests already gave decent items. Nobody bothered to use mp at all (Except for transfering items)

So what I think is that bring back the marketplace to how it was and bring back trade... Also add cost to deconstruct and unscroll features. Lastly the drop rate of recipes, pieces, magic scrolls, charms, basically everything should be lowered to the max. That way marketplace will serve a purpose.
Yes doing that will make players and bot users make more accounts but thats that. It was already an issue for a long time. So forget about it.
Bring back hardcore pvp where you lose items and at the same time lose exp.

Lastly lasty is give back the event mob and this time make it op but the exp rate is lower than mega mobs.
24-03-28 03:40
-trixter-: bring classes back at gpvp
24-03-28 00:13
uoti: 🔰Disable Trade and Marketplace
Reason: The Rewards Hoarders bid on the items they put there to upgrade.
🔰Crafted Recipes and Crafted pieces.
Reason: when Market is disabled and time in advanced recipes are hard to get on time for dragons.
🔰Upgrade Dragons Health
Reason: 100 000 000 they die quick. Give them 900 000 000 per dragon each on the 4 Dragons
🔰 EXP too low but... Why Damage too high?
Reason: Dragons dealt 9500 damage when you Increased EXP by a little. Not right here
24-03-27 21:44
godreturns: Enable trade
24-03-27 07:43
defeated12345: Please remove this gear lock from Gaia 1 it's totally not needed don't see the point in that ...
24-03-26 19:46
bladsy: 1/3
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