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[Gaia PvP #104] The LAST Round of These Dragons!
-timeless-: If no unsocket I certainly hope the gem and rune drops are much better this round.
24-04-01 00:02
_fizzarolli_: "Last round" of these dragons. I hope you'll focus on gaia 1 after this;D Cuz man what are we supposed to do with this scrolls if theres nothing on gaia 1
24-03-31 23:00
moskow: here we go again...
24-03-31 22:25
denyutjantung: Need some changing on quest map. Indo play tricks on quest building they pk players then hide at the quest map building.. can you please disable the quest at map when they pk a player? So others are let them pk too..Players play pk and hide at the quest building. If players on quest building we cant fight back.quest at map are thier hide out.
24-03-31 22:20
-masukan_ahh-: Very nice dragon scroll 😁👏
24-03-31 22:03
ahriman_: Very nice update sir 👏👏
24-03-31 22:00
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