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[Gaia PvP #106] Path to Celestial City - Celestial Crystal Dragon!
tate: The item for seer hut quest is too much, 7-10 ms of each, and some of it cant be crafted by lower ms, thats crazy... If you want 10 for each seer hut, please open the dungeon. It take too much time for finish that
24-06-12 15:57
mel-mel: @ _fizzarolli_: extra +25 Quests next -rofl-
24-06-09 05:27
24-06-07 11:46
_crusader_: Pvp server and affraid for pvp
24-06-04 02:00
rememberme: why you guys still play this trashy game..... its not worth ur time anymore ... dreamer just want ur money.....
24-06-04 01:27
gaslit: Good job on the alt problem. Make buy now option in mp
24-06-03 11:10
Trang: 1/2
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