[Gaia PvP #52] Round of Amazons!
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-iky-: * New Boss: Toxic hydra! 😍 make it available on gaia after this round..
19-09-23 18:39
asgareth: Open c transfer. That's all that's missing. Otherwise good job -clap-
19-09-23 18:57
sruya21: why not try to added a limitation 8 hours of playing time today if it exceeds that, player can't play anymore and must wait till tomorrow it can also help players not get too tired and also be more competitive because the round is 1 month also maybe increase the exp
19-09-23 19:01
19-09-23 19:11
kazekg: hope there's an event in g1 too
19-09-23 19:14
19-09-23 21:58
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