PvP Changes in PvP Round
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looms: Update honor shop and add powder option in honor shop, and please prize recipe from rank all class/class make all mythic not epic, this mythic/heroic age not epic anymore. And add recipe lich tooth, recipe bloodsoaked ring,recipe gleamstone,recipe keh might with 10 honor price each of them, becouse its so suck crafted lv135 ring Will needs 12 pcs item each of them just for 1 lv135 ring. If you want, add too Rec oakcase,Rec vigilant,Rec volcano boots,Rec growth of age,Rec tyrant horn,Rec nightwolf Crest,Jewel of wisdom v Jewel of armor v to honor shop
20-04-05 11:05
belthazar: Why tourney rewards always late? -mad-
20-04-03 11:33
20-03-28 19:58
goldranger: Just boreing these days
20-03-28 01:14
-shogun-: Favorite round till now-whistle-
20-03-27 16:54
vitsu: Make deconstruct work for rune too----- make damage pvp 10x and encrease hp and mana 5x
20-03-27 05:56
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