[Gaia PvP #61] Titled Class Scrolls as Drops
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rust_dragon: Still waiting an update for ulti jewels
20-08-13 10:00
20-08-13 05:56
-op2: Random :F
20-08-08 17:27
-x-8-x-: Random Sucks

Low Experience Drop Rate, the last exp system is fine

And Barb are the weakest class now -wall-
20-08-08 04:50
-bhabu_sama-: Bored

Worst random ever
20-08-07 14:20
necro_hunter: In gia#1 i spend more than 100 magic scroll on "the lich heart"legendary item to get the "Lich mogul" tittle.It very anoying when i use more than 100 magic but only got repeat tittle and the tittle i dont want on same item.Please remove or increase the chance to get tittle that we want.ect,i need lich mogul tittle on the lich heart for erdamon quest.But all i get just troglodyte tittle 3x ,manticore 3x...none are lich mogul on 100 magic scroll
20-08-06 04:34
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