Maintenance is OVER!
kutless: Good day sir Dreamer maybe there a bug on crafting items on NECROMANCERS DOUBLE AXE says"item in wrong combination..please fix it sir Dreamer.thanks!
20-09-19 00:56
mambacita: Agree with argos
20-09-18 08:42
lambanog-: I want a bigger map...the map is so small...maybe you can make it bigger..its very hard to click units when you have big thumb
20-09-18 02:09
-trouble-: Nice now let us be able to craft our powders into next highest rarity just like we can do with everything else. And add unscoll rarity option so we can keep our rairty when we upgrade our gears
20-09-18 00:52
necro_hunter: Is this mean server game time are change too since sir change it host server
20-09-17 22:32
20-09-17 08:12
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