Harassment & Bullying Will NOT Be Tolerated
-p41n-: Does attacking someone with unlimited is the real Bullying? :F
bullying about pvp it's normal because this is Hardcore mode, not for kids
20-10-21 07:23
notengodinero: 😎
20-10-19 23:07
noyl: just delete the attack text on the player profile
20-10-18 15:02
nightshadows: Theres always been bullying and harresement here. Why do you think so many players includeing the moderators have left the game? You cant stop people from being people you delete their account they just make another. You block their i.p. address then they use an app to change it. Between that and the fact you makeing this post but still havent fixed or even addressed the glitch with warsong quiver not allowing to reequip bow and quiver if you take one off. An issue that was sent to you over a week ago.
20-10-18 12:41
s0rri: Make me a mod 🙂 I'll be fair but sturn
20-10-17 09:42
the_jockers: what you are talking about certainly exist and it is mostly related to pvp and pk yet there are 2 faces of 1 face is the pvp wich lets face it take that and good luck haveing player base the second is what i consider the real problem ..multiple players ganging on another one or more the subject are mostly the diference in items lvl etc all these along treats useed to bully and harras into makeing pep give up or not try to aim for the spot in rankings they otherwise coud but thats all due to no mods being around to stop these.the players these days have taken the fact that mods arent around ass a green light and do wtv they want another story woud be if mods woud exist and severly punish .at the same time take HEED to false reports about bullying or harasement.its very easy to comply a fake report so long you can fabricate proof or have influential players take your side
20-10-15 19:00
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