[Gaia PvP #64] The Round Is OVER!
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mhojho: 1 start for it. Know why? Well how full supermob scroll lll and mythic gear and good tittle wearing charm V 3x .assassin beat by Glare's tittle druid ? 😂 how other class equal to druid spell attacks never miss on dragon huh? you give more x.p and alts are abuse again this kind of round. I am very disappointed.. Sorry..
20-11-22 06:53
--mrright-: 5star for this round I almost get 45k+ credits lucky I got heroic powder that costs 35kc. 👌😊
20-11-21 03:11
chicky-chick: Sorry for the one star. But I have many complaints. For 1. The attack timer is bugged when ever you enter the map the first thing you click will 80% of the time have a timer on it and I can click any other mob, others abuse this by attacking every single monster before reset so when they do spawn something they can ensure its theirs and make others not be able to level. 2. The new moderator needs to look over the rules herself, no "excessive" name calling she banned one of my pals the last day of market place for joking with me and calling me ugly someone I know in real like. I explained it and the ban stayed why does is clarify as excessive yet he comes back after 2 years call me one name and get banned for a whole 24 hrs no warning?. 3. Alt abuse can 100% still be abused I see no reason of making rewards for top 10 only, I went and "tested" the system and manages to make a #3 barb within the last week. Does that make any type of sense? There will always be abuse of alts it can not be stopped unless you do one per ip/device... Thank you for your time bub
20-11-21 02:45
ayra: Lower the gear level requirement by 10 instead of 20
20-11-20 17:06
mammon: Make dragons spell prot 84-85% and lower the Dragons damage so physical class will be able hit 3times per attack which will make them have more chances to hit dragons
20-11-20 15:53
-herobrine-: A round for alts, I am at rank 3 since week 2 and then alts covered my rank up to 9:F

Also, disable multiple mob attacks.
Remove siege next round.
20-11-20 09:54
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