Devil Dragon Challenge!
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hades-: Royal and Diablo must different Tier because they have different stat...
You need make Diablo and royal different Tier
Royal - Master
Diablo - Heroic
SDA - Champions
class - warrior
20-11-26 02:19
-shotgun-: Its to early.. most clans dont have their clan boost back:S

Miss the 5-10 sp/ level
20-11-22 18:09
tsugumi: This type of challenge is not ideal tbh... The most annoying effect of such format is that the free service becomes unavailable even for those that have no interest in the challenge.

So to make "challenges" more fair, why not make it the "hunt" type like the ones in pvp servers or like what you did with evil santa gremlin hunt...That format is sure to be alt proof, why? becoz you need to focus on only one acc that you will use to hunt for the event mob. So now that the alt problem is solved, let's look to a new problem that might arise, those with "no time to hunt"...simple, make the "kill points" purchasable in creds section like the event tokens we have now, or as an added bonus when purchasing creds. And I'm pretty sure some players would sell the location of the event mobs they spawn just like what the scenario is during pvp servers...

I'm changing to 1 star becoz of the annoying lag
20-11-22 02:44
chicky-chick: Love the format. hate the way your doing it, I feel like there shouldn't be a g1 challenge for a scroll, that defeats the purpose of the hunt in pvp servers, I feel as if #1 hunt should also earn the "boss" only one in game due to hard work tyvm
20-11-21 02:47
ren_voza: Disable tokens purchase and update token drop rate in antagarich - hunting there is more expensive than buying tokens.

For every 100kills:

Top tier charms x4 + time spent hunting(12mins) + lag + hp boost(70c)= 18-24 tokens

Credit service 100c
No charms, no time spent hunting, no hp boost, no lag =20 tokens

Hunting is more stupid at this point
20-11-20 17:33
dakila: I agree to tsugumi regarding the free services. It is very inconvenient for us players who can't or don't participate in the hunt.
20-11-20 13:29
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