[Gaia PvP #65] Abyssal Hydra
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argos: Pls let us have free unscroll and unsocket deconstruct till end of this year tyvm.
20-12-18 11:07
_sub_zero_: A bug also in pvp battle because when you already consume the 20battles it took 2hrs to reset but not now I completed my battle with love_triangle but when I thinks 20minutes has passed he can attack me again even him confused about that.
20-12-13 04:57
noman: Bug in gpvp marketplace for a few rounds now - when you search for an item, even if there's 3 unit of those items it display only 1 for the for the same price. E.g: 3x rune tol for 1500c.

It displays 1x rune tol for 1500c and when you purchase you get only one. Please fix it
20-12-12 11:28
leriq: New mob, new map ... We need more -good-
20-12-09 21:29
love_triangle: -good-
20-12-09 16:57
_druidagon_: Dont make xp bigger like siege behemoth ..
20-12-09 16:56
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