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the_jockers: overall a very good and enjoyble round all i woud change is that i wish for either the "more links" and "discord link" to be much more far apart from each other..i clicked on the wrong one many times.or as in g1 add the "boss" or quests mobs or how you calling them on home page
pls do so it woud make our life much easyer.tyvm for a great overall round.marry xmass to all :)
20-12-19 21:44
20-12-19 18:16
beware: -good-
20-12-19 11:30
ren_voza: Great round. Drops rates were decent. Random jewels weren't very good and spawn rate of hunt mob was decreased although the land lvl requirement was increased- not a good idea.

3x sales and all 10th anniversary round perks are going to be over this year so hope we can return back to normal rounds with normal mob stats, normal dragon stats and hp where we can fight it 3x times per battle. No one is going to have tons of credits to spend on hp boosts anymore so hope mob stats will be decent since they just kept getting overpowered every round.

Return challenge to using lives instead of tokens and exclusive rewards back to top 5 which couldn't be found anywhere like the barbarian Santa challenge. It was more balanced in the past
20-12-19 10:53
beastyboy: Good round! But I think you could try top 75 or 100 players (all classes) get rewards. Also top 20-25 of each class get rewards this will make the round easier and better for everyone. Please take this into consideration. Thanks!
20-12-19 09:41
-fubu-: Follow up round. Xmas special round as a Xmas bonus for players, give us that round where we can get 10 sp every level and take away gear requirements only for this round
20-12-19 09:35
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