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rememberme: Extend the free service sir please
20-12-30 11:43
boudica: Thanks for giving us the credit menu services for free for so long during this pandemic. There are many people who aren't going to school or work because of lockdowns. This is a very generous gesture to make during hard times. This donation of services gives so many players something to do with their time during the lockdowns. They can craft items for cheap or free that would normally cost quite a bit to craft. Many players say that you are a greedy money grubber, but that can't be true if you donate the services that normally cost credits to use. I have certainly made use of those services while they are free & I am grateful that you made them available to all. Thanks again for your generosity Dreamer.
20-12-24 07:32
20-12-20 12:15
chaser: too many inactive alts, please add Activate/Deactivate account like FB feature(with 30days waiting time upon account deletion). Add also warning/note message in homepage so that you can see if the account is ready for deletion. This will prevent accidental deactivation of main acct or if someone pull a prank on you and deactivate your account by using your phone.
20-12-20 08:47
20-12-20 04:06
the_jockers: good!no more buying tokens but aint this selling the ""exclusive"" item cheap?:))) i mean it shoud be special and hard to gain to work for it and rem it was a xmass item yet you give the oportunity for 10 more to be released knowing full well that despite tokes are required one also needs a decent lvl of items wich greatly shorten the ammount of pep who can get it.on pvp server if you work you golden but in g1 its all bout what you own..heh favs huh umu.-1star
20-12-19 21:51
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