Ideas For Gaia PvP #66 (11th Anniversary Round)
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mammon: Increase event mob spawn rate,Give assassin more damage and dex boost and can you fix Server returned HTTP status 500 when I try login through puffin browser
20-12-30 17:20
mangkakatay25: Dont change the spawn rate of event mob.. its just balance that its hard to find.. and give a barb boost on dex and wis to be fair
20-12-30 16:28
-divin3-: Dont change the spawn rate of event mob, and 5%exp above 1k wins. Also make bigger xp on quests.
20-12-30 13:02
-pattyline-: Remove ace rank because some rich players are paying someone to spawn a rank ace mob, it breaks the balance of the game and it's unfair to everybody.
20-12-30 11:38
miaow: Give limit to pvp, 20 pvp point, -1 point if u atk same player or diferent player, need 5 mnt to restore 1 point
20-12-30 11:29
argos: Disable pvp ;D
20-12-29 12:20
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