Storage For EACH Starting Town!
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bloodbound: add lvl info when viewing recipe in inventory.
21-01-20 03:33
n1ggg: Delete gear requirements
21-01-16 11:03
shambles: IMO,titled ms drops are too low.
21-01-09 12:20
21-01-08 18:37
metanga: Very nice update and I don't need to go to house which cost 1c for teleport.. just spells now tnx^^
@neval yes haha but Im to lazy to step outside the town, that's why it still cost 1c to teleport to house lol haha
21-01-07 09:41
neval: @metanga: House location is just in 3 steps from almost all start cities ;D

Greate update, i also noticed restore stamina service improvement, thank you very much for these updates -good-

We still need a feature "select all" when get items from keeper :S
21-01-04 20:08
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