[Gaia PvP #66] Round is OVER!
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blackmamba_: Aurora seems useless last round.lvl 100 bosses gives better exp than aurora mobs.
21-01-24 11:34
lacro: Sorry for bad english first. Seems last pvp was fun but pvp dmg was too much assasin got broken hitting with 1.5m dmg barb 1.8m .then aurora need better xp units are strong but xp drop is low.
21-01-24 09:43
21-01-22 15:37
godreturns: Random rec reward is worse idea better rank holder must get better reward
21-01-21 06:09
--d3s0l4t0r--: updates are not complete, I've been waiting for that ring rec update but no update happen until last day. drop rates are completely very low item stats requirements are annoying too, lastly that mercenary quest was the worst of all quest I've tried to complete so far. there must be some sort of location where he dropped his map
21-01-21 01:15
viqeto: Congratulation to all the winners !!!
21-01-20 18:49
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