Got Ideas For New Features?
evil_l: Add a leveled search item to the chest
21-02-26 04:43
dogan: Dungeon?
Make dungeon map pieces(treasure map) drop from mobs. After collect all piece. Craft it in blacksmith then make it same like potion. I mean after craft it players can click use button.

Player can use it or sell it to mp. When click use. The dungeon secret place will be shown, example cloude temple i. In cloude temple i put teleport to go to dungeon bos map.
Player can ask clannie help to attack it.
21-02-25 06:22
kazz_madagaskar: Pvp no coldownd 😅
21-02-24 13:46
nekron: Bring back free service like unscroll once in a while or add new Scroll Item like Unscroll scroll. g1 is very boring when waiting for the next gpvp.
21-02-24 00:26
blackmamba_: Back the free teleport,and pls allowed the teleport inside the aurora(of course inside aurora only).Thanks
21-02-23 09:19
amazon_supremacy: make honor points and event tokens transferable, that way casual players can sell them for credits.
21-02-23 02:11
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