[Dungeon] Open in Gaia #1!
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no-toxic: give reward credit n honor :)
21-03-25 01:55
-percy-: Since no gears or items will will be given like pvp round abt making mobs drop some honor points here or at some levels some honor points??since rewards r only for top10 only this will encourage some players atleast....even if charms r dropped it might be fun!! N also since special mobs r residing here y not make them drop some special tokens which new shop can be added n u can randomly draw a special mob Ms with certain amount of token or even those special items or pets shld be made available through those tokens
21-03-24 15:55
royal_sponge: This is a nice update :)
But please add some items,tokens is nice but add more item to drop that will make it more exciting and enjoyable:)
21-03-24 08:43
jembut_rebonding: give uniqe item in rank 1-3 for rank champion :)
21-03-24 02:58
godreturns: Remove xp in dungeon that is too much xp
21-03-23 16:56
-supercell-: How about bring back s.p reward? Or unique coins only dungeon mobs drops we can trade It to s.p or charm powder?
21-03-23 16:41
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