Tier III Dragon Scrolls!
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rust_dragon: Rip king ms :F
21-03-28 04:23
nightshadows: Nice but still meh ;D
21-03-27 13:36
21-03-26 21:31
boudica: Interesting. This update makes Dragon scrolls worth owning again. Boss & Event scrolls had overshadowed the Dragon scrolls. This update balances that. Thanks dreamer!
21-03-26 18:15
--arrow--: Absolutely 100% i love this update 😍
21-03-26 16:38
ren_voza: If you ever see a guy with full rd iii - run

The updates on dragon scrolls are fair - they deserve it. But all the boss scrolls look like potatoes now ;D
21-03-26 16:29
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