[Gaia PvP #69] Hell Bunny, Golem Hare Hunt & Spring Goddess Ostara's Quest!
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zhuo_fan-: New spell for assassin
21-04-01 05:41
21-04-01 04:00
alphawolf: Hmm good idea not good way to implement tho
21-04-01 03:14
21-03-31 22:38
cyclop69: just make sure u r on whenever ur big updates get any bug n fix it asap...asap mean not took 6h-1day to fix it...u know screw my rank
21-03-31 22:16
misdirection: Can we craft 3x ancient behemoth to ghost behemoth? Cause it imposible killing ghost behemoth at lvl 80 without good weapon for amazon and assassin
21-03-31 22:03
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