[Gaia PvP #69] Quick Fixes
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singah: 😥😥
21-04-12 12:16
zzxc: You should listen what player say bcs we are as player that playing this game, not yours
21-04-09 14:18
malesin: Remove gems and elixirs from dungeon reward, its not worthy because mobs get stronger but the reward is junk
21-04-08 04:18
zerzila: 1. Crazy mob on dungeon? Really? Supermob in there? Then lets make death angel in gaia pvp.
2. Hard drop rec. This not helping free player at all.
3. Ace doesnt give tittle. We need guarantee not a chance from ace -.- bring back old ace.
Thats all
21-04-07 16:19
gta_liberty_city: :(give back Ace mob drop ms
21-04-06 16:21
kirigaya_yueki: Give a new event dragon hatching event to make dragon egg more valuable in g1.
Hatching area aurora.
Hatch time 7 day.
Get baby dragon when it hatched..

21-04-06 08:11
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