[Gaia PvP #70] 🇯🇵Japanese Theme Round!
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doomwhisper: [Anti-Alt] To avoid alts farming for multiple quest items for other alts, remove drop chance once a quest item is acquired, quest items will drop only once when it is already acquired. disable also quest item trade or sale.

What if accidentally sold from blacksmith? if that's the case, quest items should drop again.
21-05-17 03:40
abd360: Same with charms
21-05-12 01:59
-levi_ackerman-: 10kc on random, nit a single dex v or ulti dex
21-05-08 00:55
-wow_: 😉
21-05-07 13:13
seth_: Same here with me as with jockers.. here my reset time is at 01:00 i cant be online at that time, why not make it 21:00?

Remove exp from quests... u dont like alts but this makes ppl need to make a alt to hunt items before leveling , if u have no exp on quests players can hunt quest mobs, understand?

Remove item req from gpvp , u can make a anouncement asking everyone if its better without, trust me everyone will say yes
21-05-06 20:32
k_70_z: I like this round❤❤❤❤
21-05-05 04:06
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