Got Ideas For Gaia #1?
mas_amir_s4: PVP beetwen clans
Using their own beast

Add class for Diablo to 4x class (was 3)
21-05-07 17:44
mammon: the tutorial should gives enough exp to reach lvl20 and should should also reward items with which killing mobs upto level 60 lands becomes easy
21-05-07 08:24
-hakdog-: Give us free boost every reset, gaia 1 and pvp
21-05-05 23:35
bbk8: Keep credit services price same as Gaia PvP
21-05-05 09:08
blackmamba_: Just finish the unfinished business first(dungeon,antagarich quest,pet).

*Update the Quest.
1.Lvl 101-120(Aurora mobs)
Lvl 121 and up(Aurora mobs and antagarich mobs)
2.Gives better exp and golds.

* Add new maps/mobs in antagarich
*Bring back the gold drop.
21-05-05 05:13
-lucky_70-: Bring back free service sir.
21-05-05 05:00
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