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crystal_skull: PVP TOURNEY: Group the players by 20s, 1-19, 20-39, 40-59, 60-79, 80-99, 100-119, 120-139, 140 & above lvls. Pitting a lvl 40 vs lvl 100, for ex, is unfair. Of course the winner is obviously the higher lvl... This will attract the lower lvls to play the game
21-05-26 07:52
scarar: Blitz challenge

-lasts 24 hours (from reset to reset)

-uses old boss mobs like god of death, king of garuda and etc

- 2sp per level

- give top 3 mini boss scrolls like sui-riu, apalala, yokai ms

- event/ lottery token drops in aurora only for the daily challenge

A feature with low rewards for those who stay active in the game. It would give players a purpose to play more often.
21-05-19 12:02
nightshadows: Cant think of anything that would bring us old players back to spend. Short of what you were planning years ago with heraldon and make a brand new game. Would be very time consuming and expensive. But theres just so many games out there with high end graphics and gameplay. Once youve got royal and max stats theres nothing left to strive for. Unless you just want to spend big for new gears that really are not needed to hunt anymore
21-05-19 03:31
drifinator: Maybe some chain quests. Finishing one quest will enable the lands/mobs/drops for another and so on and so forth... kind of like elemental lords' except way more in quantity and less rewarding individually.
Quests may be branched into different ones depending on the method of completion, an example would be:
Quest asks for a single x drop from wyverns/manticores/nagas and depending on which item was returned it extends into that very town. Summed up, different endings.

Would probably keep both newbs and veterans busy for a while.
21-05-18 20:53
dood439: new weapons
21-05-18 16:38
royal_sponge: please bring back free services thats all😻
21-05-17 03:03
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