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-quetzalcotl-: pls reward pets to top breeders not by pet ranking. so a player with multiple pets can only have one reward pet.
21-09-13 15:39
cocote: Max have Pet 10.

Pet have Bag.

And please Give Drop Gold back. Need it to buy Pet.

Or daily Quest have reward Gold please.. tanks.. -read-
21-09-13 15:31
nightshadows: those ideas sound good. Give us an arena where we can bet on and battle our pets against other pets or mobs. No player fighting just the pets to win pet gears or pet runes for the gears.
21-09-13 12:32
--selflessness--: pet skill like boosting players some stats. ex: druid pet can boost druids dex for few percent. while barb pet can boost barb wis etc. other spells are for attacking and defending themselves. also add pet gear if possible like full set of gear and can be acquired on some events or quest. i really hope it isn't going to be raw set like what we use on our character right now other items are on low level and other are on higher level and no rings or amulet to complete the gear set
21-09-13 12:12
yae-miko: Since there is pet update,make pet can wear a gear so we can increase their hp/some stats too
21-09-13 11:57
vox: Same as everyone, make auto revive on pet, thts really take a time and im so tired make a alive again and again.
21-09-13 11:43
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