Got Ideas For Pets?
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soul_devil: Exclusive pets can be bought at honor shop for like 1 or 2k honor idk that's up to you
21-09-26 00:38
druidkiller_: remove dragon reaper here gpvp...increase rate of class pet appear

21-09-22 05:54
21-09-19 07:19
shark_frenzy: Nice:)
21-09-19 06:24
mare_bello_fiore: Pet items can also be bought from breeder
21-09-15 10:35
amazon_supremacy: attacking first round and casting any spell you already learned is a good welcome idea.

i dont like the pet gears and potions idea though, prone to get abuse in the future.

kindly increase each pet health so they will last in anta.
21-09-15 10:06
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