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Health/Mana Limit Increases
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soul_devil: Update is really great but increase mana limit in both gpvp and Gaia that would be great dreamer
21-09-26 00:14
notengodinero: Great
Only to find a way to revive pets automatically
21-09-25 13:38
ryoushi: Yeah its good increase cup of health ty sir
21-09-25 10:42
nightshadows: No more gear drops in pvp ;D
21-09-25 08:10
amazon_supremacy: i still missed the huge mana. kindly increase mana to 50% ratio to health and/or decrease mana consumption of all spells.

can you please make charms and quest items sellable and transferable again here in g1? only applied the restrictions on gpvp.
21-09-25 03:50
shadow_monarch: Add ancient potion on honnor, and can buy diamond, zz or unscroll tiket or unsoket tiket... and add new fiture new for necromancer...can summon undead or skeleton or shadow.. why necromancer can not summoning it
21-09-24 16:49
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