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New Feature: Autoheal with Honor!
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_bellamy_: bring back challenge reward every lvl that the way we get charm now even we dont play gpvp coz we dont know if buy charm to player is banable
21-10-01 14:11
chaser: Please add adjustment config "Auto heal when HP/Mana is 10-20% or below 1-5M mana/hp.

Add configuration that can input desired HP e.g.(1000000 or 5000000), then when you reach that HP, it will trigger Auto Heal.
21-09-26 09:11
21-09-26 06:04
leriq: How its work ? Its heal everytime if i lost some hp ? Or only if i die ? Its the same like boost hp by credits ? Ill no test it bcse i have low amount of honor points so if you can explain me ill be glad ty
21-09-26 05:20
-fubu-: At last, a very useful update has come. Ty very much dreamer :)
21-09-26 03:49
beware: I'm saving my honor but this update is great :)
21-09-26 03:21
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