[Gaia PvP #75] 🇨🇳 Chinese round!
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wukong21: about dungeon...pls increase the mythril drop or reduce the mythril price (booster)...i know dungeon is only for top supporter but pls this is too much for free2play!!
21-10-09 14:59
-caitlin-: recipe drop rate too low :( ..
hope dreamer bring back pvp no sp count .
to be fair for everyone ..
21-10-09 06:07
away-from-keyboa: this update of DG is so craZy
21-10-09 04:50
red_zombie: The mobs at dungeon slightly increase the difficult and the level of mitril is high too dungeon market lv 50 now same like at lv 100 lv at past PvP dungeon since we don't have mitril at same rate it's so hard
21-10-09 04:21
assault: Nerf dungeon mobs
21-10-09 04:21
_nightmare: Dungeon is very hard now but reward still same, also mirthil not balance with price boost value :(.

3 star for this
21-10-09 04:12
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