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[Gaia #1] Sun Wukong Challenge
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Đọc từ đầu
liubang1: we need update about gear lock...some player abuse it...i suggest 48h lock even u get from killing someone
21-10-20 08:19
frost_bite: Hunted for two days and only found one very frustrating
21-10-09 14:08
nightshadows: Add new challenge mob spells to honor shop
21-10-04 01:40
_crusader_: Since there is update reward on gpvp,maybe reward from challenge on g1 have to increase,we need more charm dreamer
21-10-02 11:53
shark_frenzy: Ty!:)
21-10-02 11:43
dagg: I wish this will be Jiangshi challenge.
21-10-02 11:23
Trang: 1/1