Suggestions for Gaia PvP
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richardjohn1: Add revive pet at the bottom
Add (use potion) of how many times in inventory
Add max wins per day
Add auto craft ms
21-11-04 15:16
frostalpuerto: Please fix the bless spell sir:) it would be a great help on us thanks!
21-11-04 08:25
nightshadows: Do a true hardcore pvp round. No hp boost in pvp and gurnteed gear drop when you die in pvp like the round was orginally designed;D
21-11-04 08:06
black_witch: If you needed idea.. you can see.. manhwa korean . have much idea from komik korean.. maybe oveargeared , worn and torn and other.
you can take new name item and stat from komik, or skill and you can add player title.. from hunting and get stat..example.. pixie slayer add 50% dextrity.. if you kill 10.000 kill from pixie.... and last add spell necromancer to summoning mobs.. and if you needed have much player at your game..and.. add reward loteri token... to spicial can add reicpe runes magic scroll at lotre..or item
21-11-02 13:08
cristianxd: Add Buying list in our profile where we can set what price and item we want to buy..Like mp in our profiles where buyer visit seller's profile, Buying list is for seller visit buyer's profile..

Also add shield or Protection thing which is available in credits section, No one can attack you in pvp days, and if you have shield thing and you attack ppl, your shield will automatically vanish something like that.

Allow necromancers revive their pets without using credits 😅
21-11-02 02:34
gifter: Auto craft magic scroll.
21-11-01 23:55
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