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prinsesa: I agree with boudica. It's exhausting and PVP rounds in not getting special any longer. Have some events ing G1 where people can use the acquired assets in those pvp rounds. Like hardcore pvp weekends in G1. Or hunting monsters with hardcore pvp in G1. Also give us options to delete characters that was created every round . there's thousands of characters in the server already that most of it are inactive. This is adding up to the lag and may result to bugs.
21-11-30 17:17
mas_amir_s4: Everything is good

Just fix some bug like

Drop gelare ring but nothing on inventory.

Fix spell bless druid

And ADD frostbite spell for druid,

And update auto revive pet after die for 1c

Enable drop 120 item gear at dungeon
21-11-30 00:51
-pazazaran-: Please Add new quest on G#1 and add too pet class on breeder for druid , barbarian and paladin on G#1
21-11-29 13:35
boudica: Please, for the love of God, give us a break. You've made the rounds short so you can try to squeeze in 2 rounds per month. That is simply not sustainable. It's exhausting. For both you & the players. Because you are trying to make pvp rounds almost endlessly continuous, mistakes & bugs are becoming more common. What used to exciting & competitive is now drudgery. Players are actively looking for ways to cheat just to eliminate the boredom of endless rounds of pointless competition. If it happens every month or even twice a month, what's the point? What makes it special? It can't be very special if it happens 12-24 times per year. I can remember when we looked forward to the next pvp round. We used to have time between rounds to make use of what we were able to gather during the round. (Recipes, ingredients, titles, etc) Time to craft our new gear...

You need to stop right now & start correcting all the bugs that have crept into the game. There's lots of fixes that need to be made. Otherwise, I don't see much of a future for this game.
21-11-29 04:25
turkeon: Add evolution for pet
21-11-28 12:21
-blarrrrzzz: Drop item to battle ini pvp gaia no drop equidmen
21-11-28 11:40
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