[Gaia PvP #78] Free Unscroll & Unsocket!
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_tank_: Please uprage stats quiver lvl 140
22-02-15 05:47
zamannew: Admin please change reward top 10 pets need top 20 pets reward plase 👃👃 thank you
22-02-12 08:18
dark_matter: This game wont go to an end.. Don't worry^^.. Long live BD
22-02-11 11:03
lilive: I am mildly depressed because i feel like this game is slowly coming to an end. But it's been a huge part of my life for last decade. I can only wish it will continue into 2030 and remain somewhat balanced. Despite a few classes and playstyles being the meta. Long live black dragon 🥲
22-02-11 05:58
hori--: Kalt amulet can't be unscrolled.

Increase damage boost for assassin. I see them as having the worst boost of all the classes
22-01-16 14:56
ultra_instinct: 5 star!
22-01-13 05:40
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