[Gaia #1] Honor Shop Update!
2024-02-06 17:50:01
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Finally, a long-awaited update has come to the Honor Shop.

* Random Exclusive (Lv.140) for 150k!
This includes the items required for Lv.150 recipes.

* Random Class Recipe (Lv.140) for 50k!
This includes the recipes that were previously given for class rankings.

* Random Dragon Magic Scroll for 25k!
This is separated from the Random Magic Scroll which includes only Event/Hunt scrolls now.

* Heroic Powder for 27k!
This powder is no longer available as a PvP round reward.
It can also be crafted from 3 x Mythic Powder from now on.

* Some prices were adjusted to reflect the changes accordingly.

Your ideas/suggestions are very welcome! There is more to come soon!