[Gaia PvP #104] The LAST Round of These Dragons!
2024-03-31 21:55:00
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Another Gaia PvP round is here! This is the last round honoring these Dragons as this will change.

* 4 Elemental Dragons!
Each dragon rewards a new exclusive scroll for Top-3 damage dealers.
The scroll gives +80% magic protection, +2500 Strength & +1500 Dexterity.
Please note that this is the LAST set of these Dragon scrolls.

* A complete Death Angels round experience!

* A totally new set of 75 Quests (was 50)!
There are some minor adjustments too (for example, the Quests in The Ancient Battle Arena will reward you with Dragon items too).

* Top-10 Pet owners will receive an exclusive pet: Elementalis!
- Health: 750k (the highest for any pet)
- Wisdom boost/level: +1% (the highest for any pet)
Please note that this is the FINAL chance to get this pet.

* x7 Credits sale lasting for a week!

* The Royal Diablo will be rewarded to the Top damage dealer to the new dragons.
The Diablo will be rewarded to the highest-ranked player in the global ranking.

* Another slight Experience rate increase.

* Aurora is enabled.

* Deconstruct is disabled (was being abused to avoid gear lock).

* There is a new timer of 1 second only - that's how long you'll have to rest after killing a unit in map.

* Inventory size remains increased to 250 (was 100).

* Dragons have 250 million health each (was 100 million).
So a total of 1 billion health combined!

* Quests (from home page) do not give Skill Points anymore since more Map Quests are offered.
Please also note that rarity of rewarded items from Map QUests is lower by one tier than it was (to increase the value of drops).

* New Arena & PvP Tourney seasons.

Good luck & have fun!