[Gaia PvP #52] Amazons Round is OVER!
2019-10-15 17:21:35
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Hello there!

Congratulations to all the winners of the previous round!

The newest Royal Diablo is shot2death (strife) - well done! The dragons hunt was dominated by shot2death (strife), bakuru (spoof) & -yoichi- (rust_dragon).

Congratulations to bakuru (spoof) for winning the Toxic Hydra's scroll & the best bow in the game - Windripper!

Top-5 players of the round who were rewarded with the best quiver (Quiver of Amazons) are:
#1. bakuru
#2. shot2death
#3. -yoichi-
#4. mea_pretiosa
#5. --shoot--

Any feedback, as always, is very welcome and helps us to improve.