Demogorgon Challenge - NEW Format!
2020-10-23 15:59:40
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This midnight (server time) a new Demogorgon Challenge will start.

Please note that we will be trying a NEW format of challenge so expect more adjustments in the future - the rewards/conditions may change in every challenge.

This challenge will last until October 31st so only ONE WEEK to participate!

The main update is having 3 league tiers:
- Masters (Royal Diablos & Diablos)
- Champions (Supremes & Death Angels)
- Warriors (Starting classes)

Each of the league will have a separate leaderboard.

Separate rewards too! You will be able to check the Rewards section in the Challenge page. Please note that the previous rewards will be gone and only Top-10 of each league will get rewarded.

These leagues should, hopefully, make the challenge more exciting & competitive for more players. Future challenges will get more unique rewards.

The general idea is to enable these challenge between PvP rounds so there's always something going on.

Any ideas/questions are very welcome in the comments and we are looking forward to improving the challenge & making it more exciting!

Good luck to everyone!