[Gaia PvP #64] The Round Is OVER!
2020-11-19 17:48:30
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Hi there!

The #64 Round of Gaia PvP is over & all the rewards have been given - congratulations to all the winners!

The newest Royal Diablo is death_to_weasels (fuwwyboiowo) who has defeated both Black & Royal Dragons this round - well done! The rewards of Devil Dragon go to ayra. A few dragons were killed by bluethefirst as well!

Here is the Top-10 players:
#1. josbuttler
#2. thunderguard
#3. l4stlook08
#4. -hexaru-
#5. ranker_banker
#6. zzz_zzz
#7. -try-
#8. -fbi-
#9. zepar
#10. dr_jose_rizal

Any feedback/suggestions is very welcome in the comments.

Thank you very much to everyone who has participated in this round!