[Gaia PvP #66] Frost Giant & Frozen Wisps!
2020-12-31 15:58:43
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Happy New Year 2021 to all the playes!

Welcome to #66 round of Gaia PvP which celebrates 11th anniversary of the game! Yes, 11 years and counting!

* Frost Giant!
Top-3 damage dealers will receive two rewards each:
- ANY currently existing exclusive item of their choice;
- exclusive Frost Giant's magic scroll!

* Frozen Wisp Hunt!
Each win is rewarded with +11 credits & Treasure Chest. Drop rate is considerably increased though.
A slightly boosted chance to get a Powder from the Treasure Chest.

* Top-10 Pets ranking will get rewarded with an exclusive pet - Ice Dragon!

* Quest: Mercenary Bulwark!
The best part - it's available from Day 1!
It provides some rewards which might be very helpful during the first days of the round.

* Rings will be available as a reward in Random Recipes (Level 140+)!
Announcement will be posted later.

* New enemy: Demonic Warlord!
Found in Forsaken palace (V) and has a helpful scroll (+150-300 damage, +125 dexterity, +125 strength).

* Aurora is OPEN during this round.
It has a new NPC in the South Gate - Ghowir.

* Some minor adjustments of classes:
- Barbarians get a slight Wisdom boost & a slightly bigger Dexterity boost.
- Paladins get a slightly bigger Endurance boost.
- Assassins get a slightly bigger damage boost and a critical hit boost capped at 3x (was 2.5x).
- Amazons' critical hit boost is capped at 3x (was 2.5x) which makes the critical the same in all servers.
- Necromancers get a moderate Endurance boost.

* Top-100 players are rewarded (was Top-50).
In general, the increased Rewards remain similar to the ones in X-mas round.
Please check at Gaia PvP > Rewards for all up-to-date rewards.

* +1 Armor for every 2 Endurance points.
This bonus didn't create any breaking changes and is enabled in Gaia #1 too from now on (any future rounds as well).

* Skill points do not count in PvP.
You may check your PvP stats in your profile.

* PvP limit between two players is 11 this round in half an hour (usually it's 20).

* PvP damage boosted 3 times (was 2).

* Slight adjustment in the Experience rate.
Daily wins after 1k give 20% now (was 15%) but wins after 2k give only 2% (was 5%).

* Quests require 11 kills each during this round (usually it's 25 so slightly easier now).
Slightly boosted experience reward and each quest gives an additional +1 skill point as well.

* Slight increase of drop rates & experience of the newest enemies (Seraphim, Siege Behemoth, Abyssal Hydra).

* Spells protection is capped at 90% (was 85%).

* Found titled Magic Scrolls are no longer announced in Events chat.
This unfairly helped to track down PvP opponents and had no real purpose.

* Slightly decreased Gear requirements.

* Powders are craftable.
3 x Rare Powder gives Epic Powder, and 3 x Epic Powder gives Mythic Powder.

* Rare, Epic & Mythic Powders are available in Honor Shop.

* You may choose how many times to increase Stamina using credits if needed.

* Frost Giant's Magic Scroll:
- Wisdom: +1111
- Dexterity: +1111
- Strength: +1111
- Stamina: +1111

* Frozen Wisp's Magic Scroll:
- Wisdom: +1111,
- Dexterity: +111
- Strength: +111
- Stamina: +111

* Anti-bot protection implemented.
Fair play is a must and this helps to ensure it.

* New Arena & PvP Tourney seasons start!
Lasting until January 31st.

* Many minor fixes & adjustments.

Good luck to everyone competing! Let's have an amazing 1st round of 2021!