Library Update!
2021-02-22 15:51:18
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An important update was made to the Library - now ALL gear, gems, runes, boosts & recipes are there! Yes, including the exclusive items too!

In total there are 1038 items there.

This doesn't include pieces, potions or quest items which increase the total number of game items to 1470 (!).

More importantly, you will be able to sort lists by item's name or level.

Also, you will be able to check the following when you view any item in library:
- If it is an exclusive reward (it even shows how many such items exist in total!)
- If it is a PvP reward or PvP drop
- If a regular drop is available
- If the item can be crafted
- If it is a Quest reward
- If it is available in Honor Shop

Hopefully, this helps and this Library will be automatically updated whenever any new items are added to the game!