[Dungeon] Open in Gaia #1!
2021-03-22 16:34:41
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Dungeon is available in Gaia #1 at the moment and this will be considered as the 1st round of it.

* Everyone can enter up to 3 times/day for free.

* There are NO items received there in the 1st season, please be aware.

* However, some experience is given & Challenge tokens are available as well (at the same rate as in Antagarich).

The rewards will go to Top-10 players in the leaderboards but are not decided just yet. Most likely, the 1st season's rewards could be Credits/Honors.

Nonetheless, ideas for the future rewards are VERY WELCOME in the comments!

Ideally, Dungeon rewards could be something unique which would help the char and could not be transferred to other chars.

Also, there should be different tiers of Top-10 players too (similarly as in Challenge) so more players could benefit from rewards.

So Dungeon still is a work in progress and your suggestions may help a lot!

The 1st season is set to last until April 30th.

Hopefully, you will have fun & interesting ideas will arise!