Big Update: +28 Scrolls in Honor Shop & ~70 Scrolls Updated
2021-03-24 23:04:59
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A major update was made and here are some brief details regarding it:

* Honor Shop now has has +28 magic scrolls available - these are all scrolls from previous PvP rounds/Events (mostly the scrolls available from Hunt).

* Please note that the boss scrolls will not be available in Honor Shop or any other way - they remain as exclusive as possible (there are many scrolls which have only 1 copy in the game).

* Around 70 scrolls were updated with the majority of them getting boosts and some of them getting major boosts (doubled stats or so). Scrolls were put in their rarity/effort tiers and all the boss scrolls are one step ahead most of the scrolls, the hunt/event scrolls have a lower tier and dragon scrolls are mostly in between with a few exceptions.

* ALL scrolls which are currently available in Honor Shop (53 scrolls instead of 25 scrolls previously) will soon become UPGRADABLE.

Hopefully, this update will bring a more balanced approach to the scrolls and their impact. If you have any rare scrolls - check the updated scrolls and you might be pleasantly surprised.

Good luck in the game!

P.S.: If anything was missed and stands out, please contact me privately to report it. Thanks!