Tier III Dragon Scrolls!
2021-03-26 14:26:52
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Tier III Dragon Scrolls are introduced and can be crafted using 3 x Tier II Dragon Scrolls.

For example, to get Royal Dragon's Magic Scroll (III), you have to combine 3 x Royal Dragon's Magic Scroll (II).

The strongest scrolls below to Royal & Black Dragons, then everyone else follows accordingly. The stats have rebalanced again and follow the same pattern so it is easier to compare them.

The scrolls also have adjusted level requirements:
Tier I Black/Azure/Faerie/Crystal/Rust - Level 100
Tier II Black/Azure/Faerie/Crystal/Rust - Level 120
Tier III Black/Azure/Faerie/Crystal/Rust - Level 140
Tier I Royal/Steel/Horror/Magma/Electricity - Level 110
Tier II Royal/Steel/Horror/Magma/Electricity - Level 130
Tier III Royal/Steel/Horror/Magma/Electricity - Level 150

In general, all= boss scrolls should be comparable to Tier III dragon scrolls.

All these scrolls can be found in the Library.

This also means that the next round's Dragon scrolls rewarded will be of Tier II instead of Tier I.