[Gaia PvP #69] Hell Bunny, Golem Hare Hunt & Spring Goddess Ostara's Quest!
2021-03-31 21:21:21
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Greetings everyone!

The new Easter-themed round #69 of Gaia PvP is here - Hell Bunny is in rage for vengeance for his brother Doom Bunny.

* Hell Bunny seeks revenge!
Top-3 damage dealers will get exclusive items: Mysterious Lion Armor & Hell Bunny's Magic Scroll.

* Golem Hare Hunt!
Each win is rewarded with +50 credits, Treasure Chest & Yggdrasil's seed.
Top-10 get an exclusive Golem Hare's Magic Scroll.
This scroll will be available in Honor Shop after the round ends and can be upgraded to the next tier as well.

* Top-10 Pets will get rewarded with an exclusive pet - Gold Dragon!
As mentioned before, Pets have a major update planned and it will become useful in battles (even at the highest levels).

* Quest: Spring Goddess Ostara!
Help her and get greatly rewarded! Please be aware that the quest's description has a very helpful hint.

* Dragon Eggs appearing!
Collect in map & crack them to get valuable things!
Powders, Yggdrasil's seeds, skill points & credits are available!

* Reworked Magic Scrolls system!
A very important update that I was eager to implement for a very long time.
Plain Magic Scroll is GONE (random magic scrolls are removed too).
The only way to get a magic scroll is by killing enemies now so if someone has Ancient Behemoth's title, he/she must have killed it first. The chance depends on the enemy's rank (higher ranks drop more scrolls in general too).
This will have a great impact and makes titled scrolls more valuable than ever before.

* ALL units got balanced!
This is a very important update since this makes the leveling much more balanced & linear.
Times, when you could get +10 levels from a single Dragolich kill, are over.

* ALL units have spells!
This might make certain battles more challenging.

* Dungeon updates.
- Rewards are given every 10 levels (was 5) and some rewards are only given once (Dragon items). Recipes are given instead of crafted legendaries.
- Levels got harder and more enemies are available.
- Slightly less Mithril given from units.
- Units got bigger health & may have random magic protection.
- A little bit of experience is given but no items are dropped.

* PvP battles are enabled from day 1.
However, items are only lost when Hardcore PvP gets activated (check at Gaia PvP > Features).
Damage in battles is not boosted.

* New enemy: Fiery Empress!
Found in Dragon Cave (IV) and has a scroll for rings/amulets (+50-100 damage, +300 wisdom).

* New enemy: Skull Dragon!
Found in Dragon Vault (IV) and has a scroll for weapons (+150-300 damage, +150 strength, +50 dexterity).

* Mysterious Lion Armor (requires Level 140):
- Damage: +400-600
- Armor: 3000
- Strength: 250
- Dexterity: 250
- Endurance: 250
- Wisdom: 600

* Hell Bunny's Magic Scroll:
- Damage: +600-1200
- Armor: 1200
- Strength: 300
- Dexterity: 300
- Endurance: 300
- Wisdom: 1800

* Golem Hare's Magic Scroll:
- Damage: +100-300
- Armor: 600
- Strength: 80
- Dexterity: 80
- Endurance: 80
- Wisdom: 800

Good luck to everyone competing! Hopefully, you will have an enjoyable round!