Level 140 Diablo

Seen yesterday @ Gaia #1

Ranking: #129
PvP Round Winner #41
Whatever you are physically---male or female, strong or weak, healthy or ill---all those things matter less than what your heart contains. If you have the soul of a warrrior, you are an ~OakHeart~. Heroes are remembered but ~OakHeart~ never die. Long Live ~OakHeart~ Thanks to my friends Mightylord, Iky, Percy, the_jockers, overkill, illusionz, weasel and many more... Without their support I wouldn't be what I'm today
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Quests:  57
Units Killed:  84,276
PvP Wins:  156
PvP Losses:  166
Tasks:  9
PvP Round Ranking:  #27
Class Ranking:  #15
Country: India
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