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Prince Gelare Thank you so much
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Grundatin Thank you so much!
Kilgor My people are grateful for you!
Dandanstran Thank you so much!
Elemental Lord Kalt Thank you so much!
Congratulations!You became a Supreme Necromancer!!
Elemental Lord Erdamon Thank you so much!
Unexpected diablo! Surprise! Surprise!
Elemental Lord Fiur Thank you so much! Elemental Lord Monere Thank you so much!
Sugdar Thank you so much!I
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Inbox 2023-12-31 08:12:34
-moonlight-: I have a new year gift for u.
A pet 😁
-moonlight-: A war dragon
-moonlight-: Its new year gift. Take care of it 
-moonlight-: You can name it Max 
Mission:-• Storm Crusade's horn  ✔
• Ice Naga's arrow ✔
 • 2x Sand Golem's eye ✔ ✔
• 2x Air Dragon's tooth 
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