Level 180 Diablo

Seen today @ Gaia #1

Ranking: #17
PvP Round Winner #79
Uh, I've never seen God's eyes, but I've seen the devil's
He walks with men on Earth at different levels
He knows the King we serve, so he hates and meddles
And prays that we all burn and turn to rebels
Uh, he tried to get my soul, but I'll never settle
I'll walk this lonely road from the 'burbs to ghettos
I'll take the gift bestowed and return a vessel
I am the one they chose,
The #79 Philippines themed round is over!
barbarian town - jewel gears
amazon town - recipe
house and druid villa -pcss
deyja - gems runes
erathia - titlems
krewlod - eventms
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