Level 149 Supreme Amazon

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Wednesday june 24,2020 i lost a great friend death_tempo is legacy will forever remain on this game .... It so hard to convince him to stay ...loosing such a great pal it a huge pain ...i am very disappointed of myself....Sweet home Alabama :3 Word of advice: Go to school ** Study hard ** Become great! ** Have good morals and a kind heart ******* In the end, its who and what you are in the real world that matters, and 6 months from now, or 1 year, or 2 years or 4 years from now, you'll still be just a name on a screen at this game, and nothing more :) Peace!! -v-best player ever.....i have must respect for you ...timeless thanks for being my guideline and supporting me it really meant alot ...I love my mom more than any thing~i will cherish her~:) #Team emilia #Team felix *I am just an average veteran looking for my waifu collection*
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